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Our Melbourne IVF Clinics

At our Melbourne IVF clinics, our goal is simple: to help you realise your dream of having a family.

Since the 1970s Monash IVF has been a driving force in the development of assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Our Melbourne IVF clinics offer a full range of fertility treatment options including IVF (in vitro fertilisation), and a holistic approach to fertility care. Our treatments and services are delivered in a professional and caring environment by a team of specialists, scientists, nurses and counsellors who are all leaders in their fields.

With over 40 years experience, 25,00 babies and pregnancy rates among the best in the world, it gives you the best chance of realising your dream of having a family.

Monash IVF’s Melbourne IVF clinics are located all over Melbourne including; Richmond, Hawthorn, Clayton, Frankston, Sunshine, Geelong, Bendigo, Sale and Mildura. 

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy

Thousands of Australians have trouble conceiving.

Many couples plan carefully to ensure the time is just right to achieve pregnancy and start a family. And., for most couples pregnancy will occur naturally within 12 months of trying. However, for up to 20 per cent of couples they keep trying and nothing happens or they achieve pregnancy only to miscarry.

Achieving a successful pregnancy relies on many factors and any difficulties encountered along the way could be the cause of infertility. For a successful pregnancy, you generally need; the production of healthy sperm and eggs, unblocked fallopian tubes, the ability for the sperm to fertilise the egg when they meet, a genetically healthy embryo and the ability of the embryo to implant in the uterus. 

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry pregnancies to a live birth 

Starting the journey

People are often unsure of what to expect when approaching fertility and understandably have a lot of questions.

We offer a free 15 minute chat with a qualified Fertility Nurse to help answer those questions and help you make an informed decision . Our Fertility Nurse Jo has over 18 years’ experience and can answer any questions you have about getting pregnant, discuss our available treatments and the next steps to take.

The Process of IVF

Many of our patients undertake a short IVF cycle called an Antagonist Cycle. The Antagonist Cycle generally has a 4 week time frame from a patient telephoning with their period to pregnancy test. This treatment is much quicker, has less side effects and is less stressful, so couples see results earlier.

Step 1 – Egg Collection

Step 2 – Sperm Retrieval

Step 3 – Insemination

Step 4 – Fertilisation

Step 5 – Embryo Culture

Step 6 – Embryo Transfer 


Monash IVF have some of the highest success rates in Australia

Our team of doctors and scientists have outstanding international reputations for their contributions and successes in the field of human reproduction around the world.

Start your journey and make an informed decision. Book a free 15 min Nurse Chat today

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