Medicine and Therapies in Assisted Reproductive Technology

Fertility Understanding through Registry and Evaluation (FUTuRE Fertility)

Investigators: Dr Antoinette Anazodo (1), Professor Elizabeth Sullivan (2), Prof Robert McLachlan (3,4), A/Prof Luk Rombauts (4,5)

1 Sydney Children Hospital, Randick; 2 Women’s and Children’s Health, Randick; 3 Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Clayton; 4 Monash IVF, Clayton; 5 Monash Dept Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Clayton

This project will establish the first web-based, Australasian Oncofertility Registry (AOFR) collecting data from cancer and fertility centres. The study focuses on children and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer and may receive cancer treatment. The project will monitor uptake and use of fertility preservation (FP) as well as future use and complications of assisted reproductive therapies (ART). Data from the registry and Medicare patient information will also be used to perform a cost modelling health economics study. This database will serve as a platform for research studies that will help us answer some of the questions concerning the fertility in cancer patients, so we can improve the fertility outcomes for cancer patients, i.e. their ability to have their own biological children in future. The outcomes from this study will also assist clinicians with provision of accurate risk projections for patient’s future infertility and assist clinicians in making recommendations for FP/ART.

Reference: Anazodo AC, Stern C, McLachlan RI, Gerst B, Agresta F, Cohn R, Jayasinghe Y, Wakefield CE, Daly G, Chan D, Gilbert L, Orme LE, Wand H, Viney R, Gillam L, Deans R, Jetti, Chapman M, Ledger W, Sullivan EA. Australia oncofertilty registry: Monitoring referral patterns and the uptake, quality and complications of fertility preservation strategies in Australia and New Zealand. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Fertility Society of Australia; 2015, Sept 13 – 16; Canberra, Australia.

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