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Excellence in Science and Care

Monash IVF is committed to scientific and clinical innovation in order to provide our patients with leading pregnancy outcomes. Monash IVF is proud of its strong clinical research history and its affiliations with tertiary education and research facilities both in Australia and internationally. The synergistic link between our doctor, scientist and research teams result in outcomes that underpin our philosophy of ‘excellence in science and care.’

Monash IVF continues to be a leader in scientific direction and development, a philosophy which supports our daily activities in providing the highest quality evidence based care for all patients.

Our scientists publish peer reviewed articles in the highest tier reproductive journals and lead the world in developing new technologies for the treatment of patients. In the last 12 months, several of our scientists have presented our findings at international and national conferences and won awards.

Our pregnancy rates remain amongst the best internationally, driven by our strong commitment to evidence based scientific protocols, underpinned by our extended culture (morula / blastocyst) and vitrification protocols, which give the best chance of pregnancy. Our embryo genetic screening program continues to go from strength to strength and has continued to expand gaining popularity with patients; particular those women aged over 40 years’ as it generates substantial improvements in pregnancy outcomes, compared to standard IVF treatments.

To learn about our current and completed research projects please visit the Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation page


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