Counselling - Navigating the treatment pathway

Counselling – Navigating the treatment pathway

The counselling department endeavours to be a bridge in your IVF journey between the medical tests and procedures and the emotional rollercoaster that is so familiar to all our patients. While pre-treatment counselling is a mandatory requirement to accessing IVF treatment in Victoria, patients can use those appointments to take advantage of the skill and knowledge of a group of highly trained and caring emotional health professionals. Your initial counselling session is all about how to help you best navigate your IVF treatment. Even people who’ve completed counselling at other clinics always say they get something new and useful out of a session with one of our Monash IVF counsellors.

Your pre-treatment session isn’t traditional ‘therapy’ – it’s more about education and tailoring information to you and your specific needs. It is also not about assessing suitability for parenthood, it’s about preparing you for what others have experienced during IVF treatment. Whether it’s going through what’s involved with each procedure, how to overcome needle dread or pointing out where the various ups and downs of treatment can be. We can help you come up with coping strategies, relaxation techniques and even give you tips to improve communication between you and your significant others if you’re finding the stress of the process is affecting relationship health. As you progress with treatment, we can provide a non-judgemental and supportive place to talk through your experiences, concerns, frustrations, and even help with decision-making processes as new options arise.

Remember we’re here to provide you with what you need at whatever stage of the journey you happen to be on. So please take advantage of this and make use of this service at any time during your treatment journey. Talk to your nurse or doctor or call reception about setting up an appointment and all the best with your treatment.

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