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Caffeine – the best part of waking up?

Julie Vecera

Acupuncturist, Nutritionist and Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner
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Caffeine – the best part of waking up?

Multiple studies show that caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage. Women consuming more than 200mg a day have twice the miscarriage rate as compared to women drinking less.

Pregnant women are more sensitive to caffeine as it is broken down more slowly during pregnancy. Caffeine can also cross the placenta and directly affect the developing baby. Several studies show that caffeine can increase the length of time it takes to conceive. This could be due to alterations in hormone levels. One study showed women who drank more than 1 cup/day were half as likely to become pregnant per cycle.

While it is not completely clear why this is, it appears that caffeine has the ability to affect the quality of developing eggs. Studies done on monkeys and mice suggest that caffeine can prevent an immature egg from maturing, therefore, unable to be fertilized. Some experts suggest women limit their caffeine intake to less than 100mg/day. That’s basically one average strength coffee/day.

So many patients forget that a cup of tea contains around 50mg of caffeine. A coke around 40mg and some small chocolate bars around 25mg. So, if you add up all your treats it can tip you over the edge.

Men don’t get off lightly either. A study where cocks (yes, really!) were fed caffeine showed the ‘sperm declined sharply’ after only 10 days. Relevant, but I prefer to look at the human study which shows that men who drink less than a cup of coffee/day have nearly 52% more chance of having a child through IVF compared to a 1 in 5 chance for men drinking 2 or more cups. Some researchers say this is because caffeine may harm the sperm at a molecular level.

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