Ovarian transplant success

Another first for Monash IVF – a breast cancer survivor has given birth to a little ‘miracle’ after her fertility was restored following an Australian first ovarian tissue transplant.


7News Melbourne with Jennifer Keyte 24 July 2013

“She was born at 38-and-a-half weeks and at a healthy weight. She’s a very normal, healthy girl.

“The mother is ecstatic and over the moon, and very surprised about the whole pregnancy and having the baby in her arms finally.

In 2006, the then 37-year-old had a small piece of ovarian tissue removed and frozen before starting chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer.

“Her only option was to freeze a little bit of her tissue, and when I saw her there was only one or two pregnancies in the world from this technology,” Dr Burmeister said.

“I did it believing it may not be successful for her, but to give her hope that she may achieve a pregnancy in the future.”

In April 2012, the tissue was re-implanted and the now 44-year-old began ovulating again, even though she had gone through menopause.

The woman then began IVF treatment and four months later she conceived.

“It kick started her reproductive system again,” 

The successful pregnancy offers hope for thousands of women, with doctors effectively reversing the effects of menopause and turning back the biological clock.

Deanna Griffiths froze two embryos after discovering she had a tumour the size of a cantelope in her chest.

She can’t believe how far medicine has progressed in the two years since she had baby Charlie.

“It’s just mind boggling that this option is available to you,” she said.

Monash IVF Fertility Preservation Service

At Monash IVF we understand how distressing a diagnosis of cancer can be and the often urgent decisions that need to be made.  Depending on the type of cancer and treatment recommended by your Oncologist a discussion may need to occur around your fertility and the options available to preserve it until a future time when you are ready to have a family.

This service which includes egg, sperm and ovarian tissue freezing will provide you with a direct path to treatment and ensure you have a consultation with a Fertility Specialist and surgery within 48 hours if requested by your Oncologist.

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