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The 28 Day Fertility Lifestyle Program

Julie Vecera
Bump Acupuncture and Nutrition

Working closely with fertility specialists, Bump have helped thousands of couples become pregnant through nutritional guidance and acupuncture. This success has led to the development of the 28 Day Fertility Lifestyle Program – an online resource that will teach you to take control of your health while regulating hormones through diet and exercise.

The program includes exclusive access to:

  • Meal plans and recipes based on fertility research
  • Daily yoga, pilates and PT training sessions designed especially for fertility and IVF couples
  • Twice weekly informational videos with Bump practitioners
  • Lifestyle and supplement advice
  • Relaxation audios
  • A Discussion forum for participants

The 28 Day Fertility Lifestyle Program is an accumulation of all the lifestyle factors that have been shown through research to affect fertility. Everyday we are asked ‘What should I eat?’, ‘How much exercise should I do?’ ‘Which supplements should I take?’ ‘How can I relax?’

This program answers all of these questions and provides you with all the help you need to make your body baby-ready. It is a unique program that provides access to practitioners and their expertise whether nutritionally, physically or emotionally.

The meals have been designed to support both partners’ nutritional needs and physical fitness. If you’re doing the program alone then simply halve the recipes. Each week’s menus and exercise videos are released on a Monday. Options are given for vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant.

Throughout the program you will be given supplement advice and the latest information on complimentary therapies shown to support fertility health.

Both high and low BMI have shown to have a direct effect on fertility health. This program is designed to balance your weight through nutrition, portion size and a daily exercise routine.

We will also teach you relaxation skills that will help you cope with your journey whether it’s IVF or natural fertility.

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